Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Together we can make a difference!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Still "gleaning" after almost 25 years...

Harvesting for free distribution to the needy, or for donation to a nonprofit organization for ultimate distribution to the needy, an agricultural crop that has been ...
noun 1. the act of a person who gleans . 2. gleanings, things found or acquired by gleaning
"Upscale Thrift " store is a ministry outreach out of Whosoever Will Outreach Ministries...I love sharing how on Father's day in 1987 I discovered food being thrown into dumpsters behind the darling new specialty store near my Mother's house.
My son and his friend were eating this huge plump bunch of grapes...I asked where did you get the grapes...I was surprised when they said in that dumpster behind Grandma's house!!!
That day almost 25 yrs ago helped kick off my ministry assignment...gleaning leftovers for the needy and for hurting has taken some turns from food to clothes to gift baskets but really it all boiled down to gleaning leftovers that others discarded...either as trash or some drop box or junk store in local neighborhoods...
One thing I discovered that day and have never forgotten; is that whenever that food, or those clothes or furnishings are lovingly cleaned and presented well they are become a blessing  not only to the recipients but to all who participate in the process of gleaning the items.
Our Upscale Thrift is so pretty, I just love it..I do believe it is pleasing to the Lord and we have done our best in setting it up. I spent it all, and it is worth the effort and sacrifice...King David once said, I will not give God a sacrifice that costs me nothing.
After caring for my Mother the last few years full time, and praying even wondering when the day came that the Lord would take my Mother home...then what would he have me do.
Mother passed away right in December last year...I started praying what now am I to do...she had a little insurance , enough to bury here and a few thousand left for her kids. My family pitched in and gave it to me to put it into decor/ furnishings/ etc to set up Upscale Thrift.
 My children have poured their money and time helping me get it going...and may I say today was one week after opening and it felt so right...hard work...yes...but the people are wonderful.
 I am so excited to share more in the future with you...we need your prayers, and we need favor from God and man!!! We need donations now to keep the store going and bills paid...much ministry will come from this already is, helping people in the marketplace...helping people get excited about gleaning and blessing others...I love it and I love you...we need you in so many ways, and we thank God for you!