Saturday, July 6, 2013

Attitude and beauty go together!

Someone said, beauty is only skin deep, but ugly is ugly to the bone! Sounds a bit harsh, but attitude is of utmost importance. If you wake yup in the morning and even after your coffee or tea you still feel knotted up inside and feel tense or angry, that attitude is going to spill out during the day! Someone is going to push your button and it will all ooze out, before you have a chance to realize your attitude has gotten you into trouble. Some times we just need a attitude adjustment. Take a moment and focus on what you must do today, realize you may get distracted or blindsided, so you must be aware...that is if you want to have that beautiful response and have peace in your heart instead of turmoil...when giving your day and plans to the Lord, you will find you have beauty that is most attractive to others, and they will say, you are so beautiful. It's not so much looks  but it's attitude!!~