Sunday, April 8, 2012

Doing our part in God's Heart!

Today is Easter morning , and low and behold the rain is pouring down. I always had remembered the rain or cold front happening on good Friday, either way many pretty ladies and little girls did not necessarily enjoy wearing those little Easter bonnets today.

Funny isn't it how we keep certain traditions and when tragedy or disruptions come, even like a change in the weather it seems our joy can disappear. Throughout one's life we have a series of up's and down's.

We thank God for the sunshine but we also need the rain...perhaps we just need to be more flexible and adaptable to all these things that occur throughout life. Change what we can but enjoy every day with delight.

Never fear, that Easter bonnet will look good next week and those frilly little dresses will be beautiful another day!

The real meaning of Christ Resurrection gets lost anyway and perhaps the rains or storms in life lead us back to what's real and foremost in life.

Change days dawning...we must go forward and not look back. Celebrate today, celebrate those you love and your many blessings...Whosoever Will is so excited about our new venture opening up this lovely Upscale Thrift store here in Sherman. Nothing comes easy...all the preparations must be made...but its like when you have a gathering of friends and family, and you clean and cook and prepare non stop for your guests...they come they enjoy and they never know the cost you paid to be able to welcome them into your home...but you know, and know they are worth it, and you'd do it again, because that's what you are called to do.

Our opening date is May Tuesday thru Friday 10:00 AM till 6:00 PM. We are now taking donations and working hard getting ready to open our doors and love on people. Only God knows what he will do when we do our part...just doing our part in God's heart!


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