Friday, April 20, 2012

Upscale Thrift store opens May 1

I know you probably thought we dropped off the face of the earth, but honey we have worked non stop on this store. You are going to just love it...I know you will. Our opening date is May 1st. Pastor Raymond England of Trinity Lighthouse in Denison had prophesied early this year to the entire body that this is surely a year of "open doors." Doors are not worth much if you can not open and close them, there is a time for going out and coming in. Now people will be coming and going and ministry opportunities and service taking place...just showing the love.  I have always felt that we should present ourself and our ministry work in this best light possible and do it beautifully. I will keep you posted and will start adding photos this next week. Shop with us, pray for us, or donate to the store. I thank you for your support!!!

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